Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use a Brick Clip® Fastener?

In the past, the only option for hanging items from a brick wall was to pound a nail in the mortar or brick.  Another option was to get a masonry drill bit and to drill a hole in the mortar or brick and then insert a lead or plastic anchor. Both methods would permanently damage the surface. With the Brick Clip® Fastener, you simply clip it on the brick and hang your object- it's that simple!  If you need to reposition your object, you simply remove the Brick Clip® Fastener and clip it in a different position.


What Size Brick Will They Fit?

The most common brick used in homes measures 2 1/8" to 2 1/2" in height.  This requires our STANDARD SIZE Brick Clip® Fastener.  In many areas of the country, masons are now using a brick that measures exactly 2 5/8" in height.  This size brick requires the QUEEN SIZE Brick Clip® Fastener. If your brick measures 3" to 3 1/4", you will need the MAX SIZE Brick Clip® Fastener.  Many homes or structures using older used brick will find that bricks can vary from 2 1/8" to almost 2 3/4" in height.  If you have a wide variety of brick height, you may need to order both sizes to accommodate for the size variance.  


How Much Weight Will the Brick Clip Fastener Hold?

The Brick Clip® Fastener is made of strong tempered spring steel.  It will hold up to 25 pounds, which is much more weight than most picture frames or craft items contain.  For large items, multiple Brick Clip® Fasteners can be used to help distribute the weight of the object.


What is the Finish of the Brick Clip Fastener?

The Brick Clip® Fastener comes in an Antique Brass finish.  On most applications, you will never see the Brick Clip® Fastener because it will be concealed behind the object.


Is the Brick Clip® Fastener Reusable?

One of the great advantages of the Brick Clip® Fastener is that it can be used in different locations and capacities and as many times as the user would like.  Simply unclip the hardware, and re-clip it anywhere you'd like!


What Do I Do if My Mortar is Flush with the Brick?

You need to have at least 1/8" of the brick showing to allow the Brick Clip® Fastener to clip on the brick.  This is referred to as having a recessed or "square" mortar joint.  If your mortar is flush or even with the brick, our product has nothing to grab around.  Several enterprising users have said that they chip a little mortar off the top and bottom of the brick so that the Brick Clip® Fastener can be used.  This method is still much less noticeable than a big nail drilled into brick, but we advise using caution when using the clips in this manner.


Why Are There Two Vertical Hooks on the Front of Each Fastener?

Sometimes you may want to move a painting or craft item up or down by a small amount.  By having these two hooks, one can raise or lower the object without shortening the wire behind the picture or having the reposition the hanging hardware, etc.  Users have also utilized the holes behind the hooks by threading wire or cable tiles to attach things like holiday lights or wreaths.


Questions About Ordering Wholesale (for Retailers, Wholesalers, and Distributers)

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